Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Progress and Stress

Sure, we can go with rhyming for our post titles, why not.

To start, Bear and I are going to the courthouse on Friday to get hitched for insurance purposes before doing the "real" wedding in mid-November.  His HR department has assured him that my insurance will be active Tuesday of next week or so.  Based on that, I called the OB/GYN recommended by a former coworker yesterday, and now I have an appointment for an ultrasound and initial appointment with a midwife on Wednesday, October 9, which is the day I hit 8 weeks.  Bear's taking the afternoon off work to come with me, and I feel better about having gotten it scheduled (and avoiding further lecturing from a friend of mine).

On the stress side, money.  Both money for having a "real" wedding while I'm struggling to get more hours at work and panicking today at the realization that because I'm a contractor instead of an employee at all 3 of my jobs, I get no maternity leave.  And there's not really a hope of that contractor status changing with any of them because of the way the mental health industry is structured in Georgia.  Basically all of the jobs are contract jobs so that the employers don't have to pay benefits or vacation or insurance or even a steady salary, it's all based on how many clients you can see.  I don't want to have to, say, give birth and then go back to work the next Monday, but I may have to, I may not have a choice! 

So yeah, I'm stressing.  Bear's telling me not to push so hard, especially since I pushed myself last night to the point where I was shaking and had blurry vision, trying to unpack and move more things around in the apartment.  But I have to push so hard, because if I want any kind of maternity leave, it's going to come form pushing myself so hard now so that I have money saved.


  1. I work contract too - any maternity leave I take will be entirely self funded - so I completely understand the money stress. I wonder if this is the best time for you to be pushing yourself too hard though? I hope you find a balance that enables you to manage the money stress, but still be kind to yourself and the new life you are growing inside you. Hugs.

  2. HI from ICLW! Wow first of all, congrats on your pregnancy and engagement! That's a lot to process, I hope you're able to sort it all out so that you can take the time off you and your baby will need. Good luck!

  3. I know the stress can make you crazy but don't get carried away. Be kind to yourself and things will work out.

  4. Hi from ICLW! Congrats on the pregnancy and wedding (even if it's just a small thing). Wow, you sure have your plate full...I hope you're able to work it out so that you can have some time off with baby and not injure yourself pushing so hard! But, we do what we have to at the time. I've got my fingers crossed for a positive resolution for you!