Thursday, September 12, 2013

Late? What is this "late" you speak of?

AF was due on Wednesday.  I've been under a lot of stress lately, but this calendar year stress has been making it come a couple days early each month, not late.  I've been having some cramping, but I haven't been able to tell if it's PMS cramping or if it's from my IBS, since I regularly have cramping in the same areas from that.  No spotting of any type.

I'm sure AF is going to come any day.  Bear has hope, if nothing else because it would be funny as hell  if God made it happen this month, while I'm juggling 3 PT jobs trying to get enough hours to make ends meet.  He asked me this afternoon, prefacing it with an apology if I was offended by it, to take a prenatal vitamin.  (He had hidden the ones I came across from before, at my request.)  I wasn't offended by it, but I had him get it and bring it to me, because even though I know now where they are, dealing with the bottle just feels fraught to me.  But I took a vitamin, because I really ought to take a vitamin more often anyway, especially since I've been under a lot of stress and not eating that great.

(As a side note, one of my friends pointed out long ago that the word "fraught" really can just stand on its own.  As that friend said, things are always "fraught with danger" or "fraught with peril," nothing's ever "fraught with puppies" or anything like that.  So you can just say something is "fraught," and that suffices.)

I didn't test today, and I'm not testing tomorrow.  If I don't have anything by then, I'll test Saturday, but we have the kids today and tomorrow in the mornings.  I don't want to deal with the mechanics of testing or with the emotional response one way or another while they're here.

Aside from taking the vitamin Bear gave me, I'm not doing anything differently at this point.  I'm trying to drink a little less Diet Coke anyway, because I know I should, but I don't drink coffee.  I can't afford alcohol at this point!  So, nothing to do differently.

Well, except for check every time I need to go to the bathroom for spotting.  Including going when I just barely need to go, to check.  Because I don't want to mess up my underwear, so I want to get what Bear calls "toiletries" in place as soon as I have spotting.  That's why.  Really it is.

Edited to add: Bear and I just realized that today is Friday the 13th.  Well, that makes this more fun.  :-p  And for the record, if I'm just late from stress, I really with AF would hurry the fuck up and answer the question.

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