Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That's a new one on me

Here's one that I've never actually faced before in terms of seeing pictures that people post on Facebook: the new dad cutting the cord.  I've seen ultrasounds galore, and tons of the new mommy holding the baby and somehow looking perfect and gorgeous supposedly right afterwards.  I thought I'd seen just about every new baby pic out there.  Until now. 

I asked Bear whether he had ever done that, and he had not, since his children were both C-sections.  I wonder if he ever will have the chance.


  1. I can't see me wanting to share that moment publicly on FB land. Maybe take the picture and put it into a scrap book..

    1. Yeah, I guess that's what I always assumed people did if they had someone with a camera free to take those pictures, but I guess I also figured there usually wasn't a spare photographer standing around.

  2. maybe it is me, but I think that somethings are just not facebook worthy, and should be kept private...

  3. That is way personal! But Facebook tends to bring the real TMI in people. My hope for you is that your dream/wish will one day come true!